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Although our Story began a long time ago in the late 1950's with racing cars on a dirt track and the need for more speed. Paul Thompson received his experience from his father "Pop's" Lyle Thompson, was an expert mechanic in his own Auto Repair & Custom Paint & Body Shop. Specializing in High Performance Engine Rebuilding and Start to Finish Restorations. Pop's built and raced those cars. High performance was in their blood from day one. Paul worked with his father as a child by his side and at twelve years of age he built his first engine a 327 Chevy for his Pop's 1962 Impala.

As a young man Paul excelled with Muscle Cars and Custom Paint and Body Work in his own shop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the early 1970's. Paul's passion for muscle cars may have started with his first car a 1968 Shelby GT 500 KR or the restored 1971 Camaro with his custom experimental 350 engine with two 660 Holly's.

Paul started Repairing & Painting SK Racing Boats in the mid 1970's. Then building Off Shore Race boats with added stringers and bulk heads to with stand the extreme speeds of the 496 Chevy's that were in those boats, also built by Paul.

 In 1990 Paul relocated with his son, Michael to Lake Wylie, South Carolina and started building his Car & Boat Repair Business providing Custom Paint & Body Work Certified Gel-Coat Shield Center & Hull & Transom Repair Specialist, fiberglass repairs. Boat trailer and hydraulic boat jack manufacturing, high performance engines, boat rebuilding or step by step total restorations of muscle cars, trucks and boats. Like father like son, Mike shared his father's enthusiasm for more power and decided to follow in his footsteps. Mike was thirteen when he built his first engine a 454 big block. Paul was very influential in his son Michael's desire to join the Family Business. Because of Mike's attention to detail and research, they are the perfect combination of old school and high tech. That make them experts in advanced computer diagnostics and problem solving. They will get to the root of the problems quickly and accurately. 

With three generations and four decades of experience, Paul & Mike Thompson believe in top quality, dependable service, and 100% Customer Satisfaction is the only way to run their business. They work very hard every day to provide the very best service they can! And their true passion is still High Performance. They have built several cars, trucks and boats since those early days with Pop's.

Our reputation over the years has proven itself time and time again. We have several “repeat” customers and referrals.

Our professionally trained and courteous technicians will get you back on the road or water fast, because we do right the first time!